rob list

‘Moving and Drawing’
Professional Workshop with Rob List

‘Bringing the mind and body together in performance’

One of the major challenges for the performing artist, no matter what form or style of dance, mime or theater, is actually ‘being in the moment’ when performing.
How does one avoid getting ahead of oneself, acting only from memory, being overly self-conscious or self-analyzing when moving or acting onstage.
In this workshop we will look at some basic principles and techniques to help overcome these difficulties. We will begin each day’s work with specific drawing exercises to stimulate concentration, bringing the eye in sync with the act of drawing – without engaging memory, planning or self-judgment. We will then create a simple movement phrase to use as a model in order to successively examine different techniques for bringing the performing mind and body together. We will deal with topics like repetition, symmetry, simultaneity, precarious balance, and inhalation as inspiration. Throughout the workshop we will continuously examine the ideologies of movement and the dramaturgies of performance, and how these can affect meaning in theater and dance. The goal is a continuously open and fresh approach to the act of performance.

Open to all qualified dancers, mimes, actors, directors and theatermakers.