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Other recent performances created by Rob List

Two solo pieces created for Korean dancer Seon-ja Seo. The first one, using two hand mirrors, premiered in Amsterdam in November 2007 and was performed in Germany and Korea.


A duet created for mime Boukje Scweigman and dancer Jacob Flier based on the classic theme 'death and the maiden' Premiere Amsterdam 2007.

“Be lion-mettled, proud, and take no care who chafes, who frets, or where conspirers are: Macbeth shall not vanquished be until great Birnham Wood to high Dunsinane hill shall come against him.”
“That will never be: who can impress the forest: bid the tree unfix his earth-bound root? Rebellion’s head, rise never, till the wood of Birnham rise.”
with Pauline de Groot, Constance Neuenschwander, Dominique Pollet and Rob List; video film by David Haneke, text adaption by Mathias de Koning and ‘t Barre Land. premiere Amsterdam 2004


A solo movement duet with projected video, Oosterpark is a nature study of moving foliage and live gesture. A naked man lies beside before a movie screen, moving in strange counterpoint to the swaying leaves and the passing twilights on the screen - his restless journey ending in the image itself, a new eden of pixilated glades. Both an homage to the famous park scene in Antonioni’s film Blowup and a symbolic journey into a world where the truths of nature can be misleading.
with Rob List and film by Boris Gerrets premiere Amsterdam 2002

This duet is the second of a series of “follies”. The grotto has been a ‘portal to the underworld’ since the cave paintings of the Ice Age - the domain of nymphs, gnomes, and banished kings. In the 18th century the grotto was a popular “folly”, often built to include artificial waterworks. In its themes of vanity and insubstantiality, this movement piece is a reflection of the grotto both as place for idle refreshment and as a gateway to the underground.
with Nanci Nievaard and Rob List premiere Amsterdam 2001