rob list

In 2008 Rob List created two half-hour movement duets, one for Argentine dancer Diego Gil and Belgian performance artist David Weber-Krebs, and the other for OZU company members Constance Neuenschwander and Tjebbe Roelofs.
Injerto and greffe are the Spanish and French words for grafting, a process whereby completely different plants are fused together into one hybrid.
In these dances two people are joined hand-in-hand, continually forced to proceed together, sharing the same fate while still remaining inevitably individual.
Injerto is a ‘shakin and stackin’ duet between two men equal in age and stature, in which the condition of detente alternates between standoff and cooperation. Greffe is a series of lightning tangos between a man and a woman; engagements in which, after furious solo upheaval, fusion gradually becomes a kind of fate.

Premiere Frascati Amsterdam November 2008
Performance Constance Neuenschwander, Tjebbe Roelofs, David Weber-Krebs, Diego Gil
Sound Jaap Flier
Choreography Lighting and Stage Design Rob List

Injerto video
Greffe video