rob list
folly series

The Folly Series is a set of movement pieces created by Rob List between 2000 and 2003. The first was a solo by List, and later expanded to include a duet by Constance Neuenschwander and Dominique Pollet, two young members of company OZU. Later this piece was expanded to a quartet called 'Feuillée' with performers David Weber-Krebs, Veronika Petrova and later Manon Ossevoort.
The Folly Series are sober, minimal movement pieces with simple lighting, original soundtrack and DVD projections. Clear, powerful and yet unfathomable, they confront the audience with a quiet challenge to perception and allow for reflection on lifes transience.
Folly is an English word meaning "foolish action, undertaking or belief". It also refers to a form of landscape architecture - follies were structures made by 18th century English and French gentry to enliven and demarcate their gardens - towers, obelisks, grottos, rustic monuments or other buildings - reflecting not only the obsessions of their creators but also their fascination with nature as something picturesque, frightening, or sublime. These movement performances explore the double meaning of folly: an absurd and vain act as well as a structure erected in a world of "howling wilderness"
The Folly Series premiered in Amsterdam in 2003, and has toured in eastern and western Europe

Concept, choreography: Rob List
Performers: Rob List, Constance Neuenschwander, Dominique Pollet, David Weber-Krebs, Veronika Petrova, Manon Ossevoort
Sound: Jaap Lindijer
Videoprojection: Boris Gerrets

videotrailer Feuillée